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Who am I?

90 In the early years, 24th of May in Izmir / Turkey I was born. After completing my primary education at Yeşiltepe Elementary School, I tried to continue my education at Nevvar Salih İşgören Campus, Ticaret İş High School. I had many worries about the future, I couldn’t adapt to my classes for a long time, maybe I couldn’t keep up with the surroundings.

In the second half of the 9th grade, I had to crumble from this face. After thinking “What will I be when I develop?”, Hangi What work will I do in the future? Şt I talked about this problem with my family and told them that I wanted to start working life.

So I started a course where I could both study and study. I received training on the repair of construction equipment and worked at the Industrial Zone. The business conditions were really difficult but I had no choice because I gave up school.

My only hobby outside of work was to spend time with the computer, I spent a lot of time with computer games, and I was also looking at hacking and software issues with my computer that I had in the early 2000s. My biggest dream was to do a computer-related job in the future, but I had to get out of the sector.

I worked and went to the Open Education High School. My responsibilities were multiplied, but I kept it all together, albeit with force güç
We came to 2009, I continued to be intimate with the computer, I knew the html and php languages, I started to use the computer in a professional way.

In addition to my real life, I had a virtual life of mystery and I was happier here. I started to work as a freelancer online and make money. I was saving this money without touching it…
As I developed myself, I started to be overwhelmed by the Machine Repair Shop, I respected the people who did this job, but I didn’t see myself worthy of that sector, I wanted to be more successful.

Like I said, my dream was to have a computer-related business. Finally, I gave up both the Course, the Job and the School all at once. I could have started from scratch because I was unhappy in this way.
I decided to establish a Company with the money I saved and saved over the internet.

We combined our efforts with a friend and we established our Technology business in Izmir and started to provide Web Design, Consultancy and Hosting services. In this time, I enrolled again in the School and started to study Web Programming. I was studying on the one hand and working in my own business.

Things were going well, I had a lot of savings and I was very happy with my life. Years ago I was living the life I had dreamed of. I specialized in html, php, css, javascript languages ​​and started to develop myself in hosting, server, virtual server, operating systems and system management issues. At the end of 2012, a crypto currency unit called Bitcoin came up.

This was really interesting to me.
After continuing this way for about 1 year, my partner and I started to have problems. I transferred my shares and decided to disband. I started my own business because I sensed myself both financially and spiritually. In the same sector, I began to recur with the same expertise and services throughout Turkey with my two staff we had access to tens of thousands of receptive audience.

After 3 Years…

I finished my school, getting ready for college. I’m having trouble coping now because our business is so developed. It was very difficult for me to run an enterprise and I was paying a lot of money.

Unfortunately, Turkey tribute was taking place in a high measure of the money we earn if called. I’m getting more tired now, even though we’re in business. At the beginning of 2017, we made a correspondence with a large IT company based in Cyprus and transferred my business to them. I started to work there as a System Specialist.

I have been working in that business for 1.5 years now and I am in a pleasant position with my previous buyers as well as a company with dozens of staff and thousands of buyers. In my spare time, I am interested in Crypto Money Systems and Web Software, and I continue to provide small-scale Internet services in a freelance format on my sedatyildiz.net website.