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Travel Report: Discover Malta in a relaxed way

Our colleague Dominik has set out to explore the island of Malta, which is still unknown to him. Whether snorkeling, island hopping or wine tasting, he has tried it and tells of his experiences:

As a new LABRANDA Resort opened in Malta, I immediately thought that this was the perfect opportunity to explore the unknown island of Malta. So I booked a superior room with sea view and ultra all inclusive and per direct flight It then went comfortably in just 2 hours from Munich to Malta. Arrived at the airport in Malta we took the bus, which took us in about 1.5 hours directly to our hotel.

Checked in there we first explored the hotel, which was newly renovated and really nice & modern looks. The hotel has a large restaurant with a daily changing menu buffet, which I personally liked very much. Two other, slightly smaller restaurants offer classic Italian and delicious Asian cuisine. The latter is also prepared exclusively by Asian chefs. Highly recommended is the always open bar, where the cocktails freshly prepared in front of our eyes and also very delicious tasted.

Modern hotel and good food.

The hotel makes a friendly and modern impression and the food was very good.

You can still recover before or after the meal. In the sauna or in the steam bath. The massages are varied and really pleasant. On the day of arrival we went to the sea right in front of the hotel Snorkelling, This was ideal as you did not have to go far out or swim.

In the following days we often relaxed on our own beach, which has enough beach chairs and a bar. The pleasantly lukewarm water and the beautiful underwater world always invites you to swim and swap. There was also everything the heart of Water sports fans beat faster. From jet skiing to canoeing and windsurfing, many activities are offered here.

Of course we wanted to see something of Malta and the surrounding area and so we went on a discovery tour. Right in sight of the hotel is the beautiful little Comino Islandwhich for her Blue Lagoon is world famous. It pays to be there very early (the first boat leaves at 08:00) to get a nice spot on the reef. Or you swim with your stuff on a small neighbor reef, which was often pretty empty when we were there. The water at the Blue Lagoon is beautifully clear and radiates turquoise blue. Also, the underwater world has impressed us and the many fish and corals let the snorkeling really forget everyday life.

The beautiful blue lagoon on Malta

Crystal clear water and a bright turquoise. The Blue Lagoon is really a beautiful sight.

The following day we took a day trip to the neighboring island Gozo, which also the green pearl is called. Here it is worth to drive around individually with the rental car, because you can see so much and is not dependent on buses or other. There are beautiful bays to explore and many old architecture, especially churches and beautiful little villages. Also for wine lovers the island is perfect. There are many wineries where you can taste a few of the fine wines. (Attention drivers: pay attention to the alcohol limit of 0.8!)
Who has no rental car available, the small island in one HopOn – HopOff Tour explore. This takes a total of about 4 hours and shows all sights and beautiful places. If you just want to get off for a swim, you can do so and get on again later.

Of course you should not miss the capital and the neighboring cities. So we went on the way Valletta. The European Capital of Culture 2018 can also be explored quite well within a day. Strolling through the medieval streets with their many churches and fortresses, you quickly immerse yourself in a world of yesteryear, when the island still belonged to the Knights of St. John. Who is for history interested in Valletta is definitely at his expense. While strolling through the city always attract inviting-looking cafes and restaurants, which of course we could not leave aside. So we spent an entertaining day in Valletta with many relaxed breaks between sightseeing.

The streets of Valletta

In the streets of Valletta you can lose yourself and stroll.

In the evening, a detour to the neighboring town of San Ġiljan, which houses countless bars, pubs and discos in the district of Paceville, is worthwhile. Here is the majority of Malta's nightlife instead of. Unfortunately, there are not many buses at night and there are not as many taxis as in Germany, so book a taxi or party until the buses leave in the morning.

The 9 days in Malta went away pretty fast despite the relaxed program. I can now say that Malta is really a beautiful, though often unknown, island. It seems to me that almost all age groups and interest groups have one have a beautiful holiday can spend. You can perfectly relax on the beach, snorkel in the beautiful beech trees, admire the architecture and history, drive to the vineyards or just do nothing.

Bye, beautiful Malta

Goodbye Malta. It was nice with you.

A little hint: The experience had taught us to get in for the ride to the airport taxi should order, because the buses take a long time and in summer often crowded and stuffy. It costs about 35 € and in contrast to the bus in about 40 minutes on the spot. As already mentioned, it is worth the island with a very small one rental car (Fiat 500 is perfect for the narrow streets) to drive. One can visit many small villages and cities in one day, which otherwise would need a lot of time, because the buses go regularly but with many detours.

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