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The most beautiful beaches for families with children

The most beautiful beaches for families with children
Planning your next family holiday is not always easy. At the very beginning there is of course the search for the right holiday destination. Many families are drawn to the sea – the children can splash in the water or build sand castles, while the parents can read a book or rest. We therefore introduce you to seven popular holiday destinations and their family-friendly beaches:

If you are planning a beach holiday with children, there are a few things to consider when choosing a beach: lots of sand to dig and shallow water for splashing around are a must. But parasols or shady trees on the beach are also important. The blue flag is also an important criterion for many families. If you have enough sun cream with you, nothing stands in the way of a dream holiday.

  • Gran Canaria
  • Mallorca
  • Croatia
  • Greece
  • Bulgaria
  • Italy
  • Egypt

The most beautiful family beaches on Gran Canaria

The third largest island of the Canary Islands is relatively quickly reached, you need only four flight hours. The archipelago is also called the “Islands of Eternal Spring” because it is pleasantly warm all year round. Even in summer it doesn’t get really hot, which is good for your children. There is a wide range of family hotels to choose from, so there is something to suit every taste.

1. Maspalomas: extensive and few waves

The Playa is one of the most popular beach sections of the island and is bordered to the interior by dunes. At the 10 km long beach between Meloneras and San Augustin there is no surf worth mentioning and so your children can play without worries at the water.

There are lifeguards at many places on the beach for your safety. The dunes, where the kids can let off steam, provide a change of pace. The only disadvantage of this beach is that you have to bring your own parasol.

2. Las Canteras: The City Beach of Las Palmas

The beach is located directly in the city and is especially popular with locals. In front of the long bay there is a reef that holds back the surf. Therefore there are no dangerous currents. Right behind the beach you have a huge selection of restaurants and cafés where you can get refreshments for the whole family. The locals also call Las Canteras the treasure of Las Palmas.

3. tip for families: Puerto de Mogán on Gran Canaria

In the south of Gran Canaria the sea is deep blue and the sand is bright white. The beach in Puerto de Mogán slopes gently towards the sea. In the shore area the water is warm and your children can splash for hours. Shadows can be found under the umbrellas of the many beach bars. Some parts of the beach are monitored and above all there is a blue flag. Puerto de Mogán has a good infrastructure with numerous shops, restaurants and bars.

Mallorca is a paradise for families – it’s the best place to relax

The Germans’ favourite island is a true paradise for families. Many hotels offer extensive activities for children and teenagers, but parents are also offered a lot of entertainment. The short flight time of 2 hours is no problem even for restless children.

Family holidays in Italy: Bambini, Riviera, Gelati and Pizza

Italians are known for loving their Bambini above all else. Surely your children love pizza and pasta. So you have the best conditions for a successful family holiday. The beaches in Veneto and at the Adriatic Sea are easy to reach by car, but also in the south you will find real dream destinations after a short flight.

1. Castaglione della Pescaia in Tuscany: top beach for families

Two hours by car from Rome, at the height of Elba, lies Italy’s cleanest coast. Pineta del Tombolo is one of the most beautiful beaches of Tuscany and lies between Castaglione della Pescaia and Marina di Grosseto. Here your children can play in the shallow waters of the shore while you indulge in the Dolce Far Niente. There is so much to discover in the old town of Castaglione that you will never be bored.

2. Jesolo: Holiday with a view of Venice

The seaside resort near Venice is admittedly a tourist magnet. But at the 15 kilometres long sandy beach you will also find a quiet place if needed. Directly behind the beach there are shady pine forests. Otherwise, a lot of water sports are offered and in the beach baths there are umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as snack bars. The accommodations range from simple campsites to very well-kept and comfortable hotels. The highlight for the whole family is a trip to Venice by boat.

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