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Our trip to the Czech Republic (South Bohemia and surroundings)

Our trip to the Czech Republic took us to the region Southern Bohemia and environment. South Bohemia is an attractive tourist region and at the same time a traditional tourist destination. Highlights in the South Bohemian region include the beautiful neo-Gothic Hluboka Castle in Hluboka nad Vltavou and the towns of České Budějovice and Český Krumlov.

Our tour was 3 days long and in the program were many 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels in South Bohemia and the surrounding area of ​​the Bohemian Forest. On average, the region is between 400 – 600 m altitude. There are some manageable ski slopes, but especially in the summer the well-known places like Budweis / České Budějovice (largest city of South Bohemia) and Krumau / Český Krumlov are characterized by tourism.

Our first destination was the contemplative place Kasperske Hory with its historic buildings, surrounded by the mountains of the Sumava, There are the Parkhotel Kasperske Hory and the newly designed Hotel Kasperk. The onward journey took us to places like Prachatice, Pisek, Tabor and Veseli nad Luznci, where we looked at other hotels.

The next stadium was Hluboka nad Vltavou, Especially the houses Hotel Stekl, the hotel Relaxacni A Regeneracni Centrum (RRC) and the hotel Podhrad deserve mention. Above Hluboka nad Vltavou, the fairytale Hluboka Castle (Schloss Frauenberg) is a must visit. The castle from the middle of the 19th century, surrounded by a generous park (English style castle park), is in summer a charming visitor magnet.

After a tiring but eventful day with a total of 12 hotel visits, the overnight stay took place in the luxury hotel Relaxacni A Regeneracni Centrum (RRC). The hotel has a large spa that leaves nothing to be desired. The gym is equipped with the latest equipment. In addition, the hotel has its own beauty clinic which is located on the ground floor. The rooms are comfortable and very modern. After a sufficient breakfast we went on the morning strengthened further to the well-known cities Budweis and Krumau.

Budweis is the largest city in South Bohemia and has preserved its historical character until now. The city is known by the Budweiser beer. The large market square is surrounded by historic and picturesque buildings as well as several cafes and restaurants. Here we visited the houses Hotel Budweis, Hotel Vita, Hotel Clarion, which are very centrally located and recommendable.

Krumlov is listed as a cultural monument on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. It is a very historical and medieval little town on the Vltava. The cityscape is characterized by the castle complex with the picturesque tower. We ended our evening in Krumlov with a delicious cocktail and Becherovka, a popular Czech herbal liqueur. In Krumlov we recommend the houses Hotel Ruze, Bellevue and Zlaty Andel.

After spending the night in Krumau at Hotel Edward Kelly, we drove to Lipno nad Vltavou for about 40 minutes, where the family-friendly Landal Marina Lipno hotel right next to the ski area awaits us. There are a total of 306 apartments with kitchen and separate living and sleeping area available. The hotel is located directly on the shore of Lake Lipno and on the border with the Bohemian Forest.

Very close along the Lipnomeer Hotel Frymburk is located in Frymburk. In an idyllic and quiet location overlooking the surrounding Bohemian Forest. The hotel has a spacious spa and spa area offering discount spa treatments. An ideal place to relax, to relax or to be active in sports.

Our last stop on the 3rd day took us to Zelezna Ruda. From Frymburk we left South Bohemia and drove about 2 hours. So we could once again admire the impressively beautiful landscape of the Bohemian Forest. In Zelezna Ruda arrived we visited the hotel Spicak and the hotel horizon. Both hotels are rather simply furnished, but nevertheless the area is very attractive and due to the close location of the ski area in winter is ideal for skiers and in summer the ideal starting point for hikes.

With many impressions and hotel visits it went back to Deggendorf and the train back to Munich.

Conclusion: There is really something for everyone in the selection of hotels. From superior comfort to simple hotel facilities. From 3 stars to 5 star hotels. Hotels located in the center or in wooded and quiet surroundings. Ideal for single travelers, couples or families. To relax, relax or for active vacationers.

Our recommendations

Hluboka nad Vltavou

Our hotel tips for you:

Hotel Podhrad (Hluboka nad Vltavou)

  • a comfortable hotel with a very nice outdoor terrace
  • Close to the castle Hluboka
  • centrally located in the center
  • charming, stylish and cozy!

Landal Marina Lipno (Lipno nad Vltavou)

  • beautiful complex with 306 apartments,
  • great location on Lake Lipno
  • ideal for family

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