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Life in two worlds: On the move with the sailing ship for 6.5 years

Lilian and Hanspeter have fulfilled a dream of many years and have been travelling with the sailing ship for 6.5 years. In this blog post you can find out what is the best thing about travelling with a sailing ship, why they like it best where people simply live and what it is like to cross the Atlantic Ocean with a sailing ship.

This portrait means a lot to us, because Lilian and Hanspeter are Adi’s parents. We visited them this March as a prelude to our great journey in Curaçao and spent two wonderful weeks together on the SY Whisper.

We had children at an early age and it has always been decided that when the children are independent, we want to travel. Over time it turned out that we wanted to travel by sailing ship. Now we are proud that we made the jump to fulfill this dream. We have been travelling for 6.5 years now and are always in Switzerland with interruptions of 3-5 months.

To travel with the sailing ship was for us a new challenge in life. We have decided for the sailing ship, because our own home is always with us. And unlike a camper, you are not exposed to the stress of the streets. You move with the wind, it’s more ecological.

A sailing saying says: Sailing is the slowest, most uncomfortable and most expensive way to travel. This has not stopped us, because in return it is a wonderful and interesting way to experience the world.

Where have you liked it best so far?

The best thing is that in all the countries we have visited so far, we got to know a lot of loving and helpful people and had so many positive experiences. These are wonderful moments for us when we are allowed to take part in the lives of people in other cultures and are always warmly received and welcome.

In the Casamance, in the river delta of Senegal, we especially liked it. The simple villages without electricity and water supply can only be reached by boat. We were here for 6 months. The longer we stayed, the more we learned about the ancient traditions and beliefs of the people there and were even invited to their rituals.

We also had wonderful experiences in Brazil, where we washed our laundry together with the local women in the brook. This was a wonderful sign for us that we were accepted into society.

For us, the most beautiful encounters were always where people live in very simple circumstances and we are allowed to participate in their lives.

In return, we were always happy to welcome our new friends on the ship, which was always very exciting for them. We have, so to speak, exchanged our two worlds with each other.

In general it is nice to sail that the cruising sailors always support each other, give each other information and help each other.

What are the 5 best things of a sailing trip for you?

To discover nature. In the water while snorkeling and diving, as well as on shore excursions.
Get to know the people and their culture.
Observing the animal world.
Of course it is also nice that your own home is always there with you.
To have time is for us the greatest luxury on a sailing ship. In addition we have the freedom to make our own decisions when and where we want.
You have crossed the Atlantic. How was that for you?

We sailed from Senegal in 18 days to Salvador in Brazil. We crossed the equator. Here there are always zones where there is no wind, the so-called calms. But we were lucky that we always had enough wind to sail. We were also very happy that there were three of us. Hanspeter’s brother accompanied us. So the night watches were somewhat shorter, because the ship must never be unobserved.

During the Atlantic crossing one feels insanely small! Like a ping-pong ball on the wide ocean. Everything is blue. The sea – the sky – blue in blue and the vastness are simply huge. The sunrises and sunsets are unimaginably impressive.

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