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Enchanting El Gouna: Everything worth knowing about the lagoon city

El Gouna is for us one of the most beautiful holiday resorts in Egypt: beautiful sandy beaches, a large selection of water sports, urban life and a touch of luxury. Why we are so enthusiastic and what exactly awaits you, we tell you now:

The holiday paradise on the Red Sea is approx. 40 minutes by car from Hurghada and exudes its own charm – the city can hardly be compared with Hurghada or Marsa Alam. In the lagoon city live approx. 22,000 inhabitants and beside hotels there are also many villas, houses but also an own hospital and a university. Even a wine press has settled here. The whole city is kept in traditional architecture, there are green areas everywhere and of course lagoons that make up the city.

All in all, everything in El Gouna is of very high quality. Also the cleanliness of the city catches the eye. Waste separation and also the protection of the environment play an important role in all areas, for which it was awarded the internationally recognized “Green City Award”. You will notice that El Gouna is different from previous holiday resorts.

First orientation and tips: Welcome to El Gouna

If you are in El Gouna or even Egypt for the first time, you will certainly wonder when the best time to travel is. The answer is simple: you can always come to El Gouna. Even in winter, temperatures easily rise to 20 degrees. But be sure to bring a thin jacket for the evening hours. Also in the morning it can still be cool. But nothing stands in the way of a breakfast outside.

But you don’t have to be afraid of a rainy holiday and the sun shines a fabulous 360 days a year. In the sea you can also swim all year round, but in summer with 30 degrees water temperature it is not a real cooling off. But fun is denonch!

The journey is quite easy. After only about four flight hours you land in El Gouna and are taken by transfer bus to El Gouna and your hotel. If you are the lucky owners of a yacht, you can of course also arrive by boat.

The locomotion in El Gouna is quite easy. TukTuks drive all over the city and take you wherever you want. And best of all: each trip costs only 1 Euro! (You can either pay in Egyptian pounds or Euro). Even cheaper are the shuttle buses, which run until 2 a.m. in the city. Alternatively, there are also “normal” taxis, which you can book through the hotel. El Gouna has so much to offer, that it would be a pity if you spend your vacation completely in the hotel.

The currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound, but you can usually pay in Euro. There are ATMs in many hotels and in the city, so you can withdraw Egyptian pounds.

Our highlights in El Gouna

We love El Gouna but not only because of the easy journey and the beautiful architecture. We try to give you the real reasons with six arguments.

1. lively old town for walking and enjoying

Before the creation in 1989 there was only desert and maybe some palm trees. Meanwhile El Gouna has developed into a lively city with all the facilities you need. Nevertheless, it has remained true to its traditional style.

In the lagoon city don’t be tied to your hotel. You can move freely through the city, walk through the city centre or admire the yachts at the harbour. You can get refreshment in the many restaurants and cafes.

Also art markets are hidden in the winding streets of the city. So you can drift for hours and discover El Gouna on your own. The best way to get to the city is to take a tuk-tuk, so you don’t have to wait for the bus and you can go straight to your favourite place.

2. versatile feasting thanks to the Dine Around concept

That brings us to the next point. In El Gouna there is a very special restaurant concept.
Even if the kitchen in the hotel is still so good, at some point you feel like something completely different or you just want to change the scenery. This is easily possible here.

Most hotels and also restaurants in the city participate in the Dine-Around concept. This means that you can also enjoy your meal in other restaurants, only the drinks you have to pay extra. We have summarized how this works and which hotels participate – learn more about the Dine-Around in El Gouna!

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