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Anina reports (2): Kenya Kitesurfing Cup on Diani Beach

Anina is our destination manager in Kenya. She has lived on the spot for years and feels at home in her new home. So that she also gets an impression of Kenya, she regularly reports on her favorite places, activities or her everyday life. Today she takes us to a sports event: Kitesurfing Cup on Diani Beach.

Dear Kenya friends,

Now that we have dealt with the delicious cuisine of Kenya, today it's about a bit more athletic activity. Ever tried kitesurfing – the sport where you can drag yourself across the water with a kite on a board? No? Or is it? No matter if bloody beginner or professional, on the white beaches and in the warm sea of ​​the Indian Ocean, there are the ideal conditions for every level! Recently in Diani there was the Kenya Kitesurfing Cup, which is held once a year – a great weekend! And I also want to introduce you to one of my favorite hotels where the contest took place.

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But first to Kenya Kitesurfing Cup 2017: The event was organized by my friends Boris and Kathi Polo from H2O Extrem, one of the local kitesurfing schools.

"Imagine sitting on a terrace on the beach, holding a cool drink, enjoying the sun and watching the kiters with their colorful umbrellas in the Indian Ocean! A dream!"

For three days, the 25 pros from all over the world will demonstrate their freestyle tricks at best wind conditions of 18 to 25 knots – these are usually based on daring jumps and breakneck speeds. The pros have different 'kites' for any wind force, and the sight of the many colorful dragons reminds me of butterflies dancing in the cloudless blue sky! The tingling in the air before the various passes is almost tangible! But I prefer to grab my glass, because I'm not nearly as good as all other kite surfers on the spot!

Kenya Kitesurfing Cup 2017

I also find it worth mentioning that all proceeds from the Kite Cup will be donated to the Local Ocean Trust, an organization dedicated to the conservation of coastal waters and their inhabitants. But I'll tell you more about that another time, I promise!

After the competitions of the day are over, you meet for a sundowner on the terrace of one of my favorite hotels- The Sands at Nomad, This small gold piece of hotel with only 37 rooms and a large, spacious garden is a wonderful place for a relaxed, but very well looked after, holiday. Run by Richard and Claudia Glaser from Austria, there are not only very good food, but also great bungalows as close to the beach as no other hotel. Even my colleague, who as a product manager for such advantages has an eye! Look at it, who can resist ?!

Beach at the sands

Why I like the hotel so much? Honestly – not only because it is under Austrian management, it is just a super nice place. The Swahili-style architecture blends perfectly with the lovingly chosen African decoration, the sea view rooms and beach bungalows are a dream, the spa with many great applications is so well integrated into the tropical vegetation, you hardly see it. There are two restaurants, a small one by the pool and a bigger one by the main bar. There is a very good selection of European dishes but also many seafood dishes – as you like most! In addition, the restaurant is also very popular with us, locals' visited, and it is easy to talk to tourists or other people who eat here for lunch or dinner.

But what do I say big pictures speak more than words! See you next time 🙂

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Kenya travelogue Anina

The long coastline of Kenya –
ideal spot for kiting and windsurfing

Windsurfing and kiting in Africa? Of course it works and one country is perfect for that – Kenya. The approximately 50 km long coastline offers the ideal playing area for water sports enthusiasts. The advantage: Due to upstream coral reefs the incoming waves break over a long distance and it forms a shallow water area. In addition, in the months of July to September and December to February blows the Kusi or Kaskazi relatively reliable and these winds bring wind gusts of up to 20 knots. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, in Kenya you will find ideal conditions for kiting and windsurfing.

Diani-Gule Beach and Lamu Island: Top spots in Kenya

If you are bloodier Beginner Diani-Galu Beach is just the place for you. Here, especially at low tide, the standing area is huge, so that beginners can learn kiting and windsurfing in peace near the shore. Closer to the reef Advanced and professionals good surf conditions. In addition, the Diani Galu Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Kenya and is therefore worth a visit.
If you are looking for more peace, you should go to the Lamu Island drive. Here you will find deserted beaches, which are still among the insiders' tips among kitesurfers and windsurfers. Here everything is a little quieter and more relaxed, but still there are some small surf schools here. The conditions for kiting and windsurfing are in no way inferior to those on the mainland. The winds are constant and reliable and there is also a large shallow water basin here. And if there should be some wind, you can explore the island or go snorkeling in the coral reefs.

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